Black panthers

6 Games left out of 7

What is Spotfields ultimate team?

Spotfields ultimate team is a revolutionary new kind of competition. There is no engagement fee, no schedule, no bullshit.
You play when you want to play, where you to play and you only pay when you play. But we still believe that every game should count and so do you and thats why we thrive to provide you the best experience game after game.

    • Venues We already partnered up with some of the best venues in Montreal to provide with you their facilities. We take care of the booking and field accommodation so your only focus will be to win the game.
    • CHALLENGER Game after game we will match you with challenger of your team level. The more you win, the harder it gets. You decide when to play and we will find your nemesis ;)
    • REFEREES. A professional referee and an organizer will attend every game to make sure that every bit of the encounter runs smoothly.
    • THE ULTIMATE TEAM The point leaders becomes the ultimate team. The ultimate team have access to all her game for free. Plus, when the ultimate team wins 7 games in a row, she gets a gift check of 1000$.

I Beat the ultimate team

You can choose from various teams the one you want to play against. Each time you win, you get their points. If you lose, they get your points.

II Become The Ultimate Team

The point leading team becomes the ultimate team. The ultimate team can plays all her game for free as long as she stays the ultimate team. She becomes the team TO BEAT.

III Remain The Ultimate Team

When the ultimate team wins 7 games in a row, she receives a gift check .
So are you game for the challenge?


Rank Team Points +/-
Black panthers
BABI 225
5 4
3 6
3 6



Contact us with your information and any detail related to that so we can add your team to the roster.