SF Competition Rules

- Rule 1: The Competition lasts 4 months

- Rule 2: A team can enter the Competition at any time of these 4 month.

- Rule 3: The winner of the competition is the one who achieves 5 victories in a row

- Rule 4: If by the end of the competition, no one could achieve 5 victories in a row, then the winner is the one who has more points

- Rule 5: All the team start with 1 point.

- Rule 6: If Team A beats Team B then Team A gets Team B points.

- Rule 7: If Team A and Team B draw, they go to Penalty shoutouts. It is one penalty each, until one misses. The winner of the penalty shoutouts is considered the winner of the Game and gets the points of the losing team.

- Rule 8: The team who wins the competition gets 7 Customized Jerseys, a Trophy and medals.

The 2nd and 3rd get medals.