Qu’est ce que Spotfields Ultimate Team ?

C’est une compétition au cours de laquelle ton équipe peut challenger n’importe quelle équipe à Montréal, à tout moment et n’importe où en fonction des disponibilités de terrain mis à disposition par Spotfields.
Le but est d’être l’Ultimate Team, ce qui signifie être la première au classement
Une fois que ton équipe passe à la tête du classement, elle joue gratuitement, les joueurs ne payent plus les matchs aussi longtemps que l’équipe est première. De plus elle rentre dans la course aux $1000, qu’elle remporte en enchaînant une série de 7 victoires toujours en étant à la tête du classement.

Comment devenir l’Ultimate Team ?

Il y a deux façons: 1) cumuler un nombre suffisant de points pour dépasser la Ultimate team 2) Battre la ultimate team en face en face
. Feel to recruit more players in your team to get stronger.

How do point system works?

The point system is dynamic that means if you win a game, you got the points of the team you won added to your points. For example: Team A (5 points) wins against Team B (10 points), Team A has now (5+10=15points) and Team B remains with 10 points.

Is it hard to be first?

To be first, you just need to beat the team who has the highest score, if you beat that team we become the ultimate team taking its points and its ranking.

What if there is a draw?

If there is a draw, both teams have half the points of the team with the lower point.
Ex: Team A (5points), Team B(10 points), with a draw Team A has (5+ (5/2)points=7.5points, we round down and it gives 7points for team A
And for Team B (10pts+2.5=12.5pts-12pts) Both had 5/2pts added to their points.

When does it start ?

It already has started, you are free to join the competition whenever you want to. Every team who enters the competition, starts with 1 points.

When does it end?

There is no ending, it is an endless competition and you are free to leave the competition whenever you want to.

How do I win 1000 dollars?

In order to win the $1000 your team has to win 7 games in a row while remaining at the 1st place.

If my team win 1000 dollars, can I win them again?

Yes, as long you win another serie of 7 games while remaining first.

Is a draw considered as a victory in the serie of 7 games?

No, if a draw occurs it will cancel the count of 7 games, and you will have to start the serie from zero.

Can I be part of different teams?

A player is allowed to be part of two different teams only. If it is the case and the teams have to defy each other, the player can not play the game with the team he last played with.

Can I pay cash?

No, the payment has to be done online.

What happens if I pay but i can't make it finally?

There are no refunds, Spotfields pays its players back only if the games is cancelled.

Where do I play and when?

Right now the gamea are at college Brebeuf and the games happen on Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and Sunday evenings.

Are shin guards mandatory?

Yes, it is the main rules of the Ultimate Team, the shin guards are required otherwise the player will not be allowed on the field.

What happens if I am late?

If you are late you get a fee of $3 for a delay between 5 and 20 minutes. If because of several players late in the same team, the games can not start the game, the whole team gets a penalty, which means that your team loses 5 points in the ranking.

Do I have to book the field?

No, only Spotfields is in charge of the bothering tasks.

Do I have to pay for my whole set of games?

No, you pay per game.

Do I have to play each week at the same time?

No, you are free to play whenever you are available to play with your team based on the availabilities provided by Spotfields.

I want to play but I don't have a team, what do I do?

Spotfields will bring together the solo players and invite them to create their own team, all together they will gather their skills, form a new team and then enter the competition and defy the other contestants of the Spotfields Ultimate Games.

How do I challenge other teams?

Right now we provide for you the team you are going to face. You are free to refuse and ask for another team. Later on, it will be automated, and you will be able to choose the team you want to challenge in our website. We have more than 12 teams in our database,and the number keeps increasing.